Sunday School- Religious Education

Religious Education Classes resume October 7th. The link below is for registration and volunteer opportunities. New Religious Education teachers and assistants are always needed. See Fr. Bill if you have questions and/or are interested.

2018-2019 Religious Education Registration Form

Co-Directors: Demi Thomas & Adora Nonas

The mission of the St. Nicholas Religious Education program is to help build up the Church, the Body ofChrist, by nurturing every person in the life of personal communion with the Holy Trinity (theosis), and thus, through this ministry, to bear joyful witness to God’s loving and redeeming work in the world.

Orthodox Christian Education aims at the communication of the content of Christian truth in the context of concrete Christian living: believing, praying, worshipping, learning, applying, growing, sharing, serving and witnessing.

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America is pleased to offer three websites for children to explore their faith while having fun - Children's Bible Reader Online,  Saints Alive!, and Iconoguess - a feature of Iconograms.

Click Here to view the games on the Archdiocese's website.

or to the games directly:

Children's Bible Reader Online

Saints Alive! Online Games and Learning

Iconoguess - a feature of Iconograms