Adult Greek Language Education

Few people would argue with the fact that knowledge of a foreign language confers many benefits ranging from making one a more interesting person to making visits to foreign countries more satisfying. Saint Nicholas has a Greek language program that was founded eight years ago under the auspices of the AHEPA Ramapo Chapter offering a Modern Greek Language for Adults Beginners Class (Greek I) and an Intermediate more advanced class (Greek II).

Classes meet 10 consecutive Fridays at Saint Nicholas in the Fall and Spring Semesters. Tuition for a student’s first semester is $400 as it includes a number of textbooks which are ordered from publishers in Greece. Continuing students tuition is set at $200. (tuition prices may change)

The founder and the teachers are motivated by their commitment to keeping the Greek language alive in America and by their wish to be able to offer those services to the community in general and in particular to interfaith couples. The teaching philosophy is that each student should be able to take something home after every class so that the emphasis is on conversational modern Greek. During the two hours in the classroom, there is complete immersion. No English is allowed.

The program generally enrolls about 15-20 students for Greek I and Greek II classes each semester. A recent phenomenon is that teenagers have started taking the classes because they believe it is good preparation for college.

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